At CCQI, we know the impact a first rate Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) effort can have on an organization. CCQIís  Performance Improvement Model together with our Direct Assistance Program (DAP) and In-house Implementation Program (IHIP) are opportunities for your organization to achieve greater success by improving your working environment, increasing profitability and delighting your customers.

We can help your organization to develop and integrate CQI practices into the organizationís way of life. Our programs achieve this by providing the organization with the knowledge for improvement and developing the skills of your organizationís quality facilitator. The implementation process provides your organization with the skills and knowledge to educate your people in CQI practices, implement a CQI program, and successfully manage your CQI efforts on a continuing basis. Our programs will help you:

  1. Prepare the organization for continuous improvement.
  2. Train and develop your facilitator.
  3. Support and guide the organization through the implementation of CQI training, formation of system improvement teams, and development of the organizationís steering committee.
  4. Have your organization achieve success through ongoing organizational transformation.

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