CCQI Center for Continuous Quality Improvement
organizational development and consulting



  • CCQI provides the knowledge and expertise to effect organizational improvement. 

  • CCQI focuses on the structure and dynamics of the entire organization to equip it with the tools and skills to meet existing and emergent challenges.

  • CCQI provides education workshops at CCQI's headquarters and on site.

  • CCQI was founded in 1991 by  Dr. Robert Gelina. Since then CCQI has advised and assisted over 95 organizations.


There are two basic business management paradigms, the first based primarily on performance using metrics of profit, the other sustainable management.  The first is characterized by mergers, acquisitions, creative book keeping,  privatized profit and public risk. More attention is given to the stock than to the trade. Every day we read that “another one bites the dust”. 
Sustainable management recognizes that every organization is a complex system and seeks to optimize and balance each element of the organization, operationally and strategically. 

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